Who We Are

As independent event marketing strategists for over 20 years  we believe that event marketing adds strategic value to any organisation

Who We Are

Event marketing is a great profession. That's why we've been working in this profession for 20 years and since 2019 as independent event marketing strategists.

Marike Dragt

Marike Dragt

Passionate about guiding, coaching and developing organizations and teams. Lives in Soest with her family.

Maayke Konemann

Maayke Könemann

Passionate about guiding, consulting and co-creating with organisations and teams. Lives in Naarden with her family.

What We Experience with our Clients

Events are about meeting each other. About unique experiences. About sharing a story. About engagement. About connection. All organizations feel the power of a live meeting, but not all organizations recognize the potential of events as a strategic marketing communication tool.

What will happen if you zoom out? If you approach it from a data-driven (and therefore more objective) perspective? We always experience that events can become an extremely effective and measurable way for organizations to bring their message across.

This elevates event marketing as a profession even more.

What We Stand For

We are your partner in crime when it comes to creating an effective event marketing strategy. We bring together knowledge, creativity, and execution. We focus on the big picture and consistency.

We observe and analyse. We create and transform. We implement and optimize. And we keep our finger on the pulse. So that events are never a waste of money but the valuable and lasting connection with your relationships.

With a strategy that creates measurable value to your marketing mix. Event after event after event.

From one-off to part of.

waar staan wij voor

And now it's your turn!

Let's get to know each other and discuss what's missing to make your events more effective.


Together we are stronger. That's why we collaborate with our partners. Partner with a specialism and expertise which seamlessly aligns with ours. Partners who stand for the same quality in thinking and doing.

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